Health is the foundation of many factors needed to provide balance to a busy relentless lifestyle. A mismanaged work-life balance can result in disruptions in relationships, poor mental health and poor physical health.

Lap Win, a Sydney based personal trainer, is the founder and owner of TeamWin, established in 2007. Lap is the personal trainer that gets called upon to provide a premium service of training, advice and guaranteed results, with the common goal of a healthy mental state. Managing your anxiety, stress and work commitments through exercise is a proven step towards a balanced and healthy work-life preparing you for the long game ahead.

Lap Win started “TeamWin” to give personal training access to people with busy, relentless lifestyles to ensure that they achieve their peak performance in their work but also a balanced life with the aid of personal training.

Your mental health influences how you think, feel, the choices you make, and how you behave in your daily life. It also affects your ability to overcome challenges and hardships, the ability to cope with stress, and build healthy relationships.

Great trainers are great listeners, analysts and motivators who put their clients’ results first always. Great trainers recognises the needs of their clients and are flexible and creative enough to deal with any barrier and achieve goals and dreams. Lap Win is a Sydney based personal trainer with a proven track record, and a firm believer that if you don’t feel good, it can be challenging to feel good about anything else. Delivering more than a decade of personal training services, he knows how to engage various types of clientele to get results.

It is proven that exercise is beneficial for your body, but

However, not only does exercise give you good mental health, but it also helps build the presence of positive characteristics.


Since the body and mind are linked together, when your body feels better, so will your mind. Exercising can help you feel relaxed and positive about your life in the following ways;

  • Give you a zest for living and  reconnect with the ability to have fun
  • Resistance training helps you build muscle and control body fat
  • Increasing your heart rate will keep you energised and help you develop a get-up and go attitude.
  • The flexibility to adapt to change and learn new skills
  • A healthy work-life balance
  • Self-confidence, self-control, and self-esteem.
  • When faced with a mental or emotional challenge, exercising can help you handle it in a healthy way instead of resorting to drugs, alcohol, or any other negative behavior that can deteriorate the situation.
  • A sense of purpose and many more…

So, if you are based in Sydney, and are concerned about your health, mixed with work stress and sensing a decline in work performance impacting all aspects of life. TeamWin may be an answer! You won’t have to devote several hours out of your busy schedule to train, and you will still reap all physical and mental health benefits.








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